This was N2AWT/KF2U from 2000 - 2002. The rig is a Kenwood TS-690S. The small speaker to the left of the rig is one of my PC speakers. I modified it so it is the interface between rig and PC for Rtty, Voice Keyer, CW Keyboard, etc. The small box on the rig is my Keyer. And the best paddles ever made, Nye Viking. The lamp in the background is a hand-made creation of my wife. It it has been banished to, I mean given a prominent position in the shack. This was the station I made my first licensed contact from. The TX was a Globe Chief. I had about 7 Xtals for it. The RX is a Heathkit Shortwave unit, GR-64. The chassis in the upper right is an unfinished linear Amp. The CB on the upper left is my old Lafayette base station. And proudly displayed in the middle is an ARRL Code Proficiency Award. This was taken around 1979.
Like father, like son! Here is my oldest of 2 sons, Nick. He was about 9 months old. He's 14 now, and goes about a deuce. Who would have imagined from his slender beginnings? This was around 1989. I think it's a Heathkit HW-101. In an emasculated attempt to gain more air-time, my XYLs high school picture adorns the shack.
This was around 1991. The rig is an Icom 7 something. It was loaned to me. The rotor was for my first quad. It suffered a similar fate as my latest tragedy. This is my current rig. It's an Icom IC-746. I can't say enough about this rig. I am thoroughly pleased with it.