About KA2KQP - Mike Bucklaew

Who is KA2KQP? - I was issued KA2KQP as a Novice back in 1980 or '81.   In October of '81 I upgraded to Extra and didn't like the sound of the 2x1 calls being issued.  Now that I've had this call for over 25 years I can't bear to get rid of it!  I've been lucky to have done many different things in ham radio from contesting to rag-chewing to operating CW while mobile in my 1971 convertible...  Didn't have to worry about wind noise on CW...  I wish I still had a picture of that!

Lately I've done much more listening than talking.  I still run mobile gear and besides JOTA and Field Day, that's about all the operating I do.  I guess it makes sense that I'm a member of the Sporadic Ham Radio Club ;)

Software - Programming is another hobby of mine.  I had several ham radio related share-ware programs that I created while I was teaching myself to program.  Most of them are really obsolete at this time.  I do still have one program that you might find useful.  Follow the software link to check it out.  Who knows?  I may get some free time again someday and might resurrect one or more of my old projects while learning C#...

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